2020 (The Frenetic Years): Recover

Fog rolls in, just under my chin. My 16th record!

2019 (The Frenetic Years): Destroyer

“Ima give up, I am gonna do performance art – I give up- Ima throw my self in. Ima erase the line around Maker, Ima give up and invite the crowd in!”

My 15th record!

2018 (The Frenetic Years): Reduce

Combine Seduce and Repulse and then, well, there you have it- my 13th record is released!

2017 (the frenetic years): Cycle

oh such a man
everyone is so such a man
everyone has such a plan
everybody knows what it is
when they see the waves swell around your head

long held beliefs are easy when you swing from the teat
are easy when you are under the trees
are easy when you know no disease
are easy ’til the waves swell around your head

you count the time from the last clap
you calculate the distance – that’s a fact
everyone must know you
everyone has shown you
because you see the waves swelling around your head

2015 (the middle years): Bon Fortuna

walking off the Spanish ship

2014 (the middle years): Animals

you trample on the history of those that came before
you sell your mind and body to those that pay the fare
and words are so misleading
and deeds have so much meaning
and we are in love with you (for real)

they were so wrong
oh for so long
Let’s just call it off

you claim it’s not you or me
you say it’s on the wall
you reference every one and thing as if it makes the whole
and text doesn’t equal meaning
and talk doesn’t equal believing
and it’s a shame because we love you (seriously)

we were so wrong
oh for so long
we should just start again

it’s a persistent belief
it’s a persistent need
it’s a vocation for me
not a vacation for you!

I work figuratively or I would say that my work is primarily figurative

we were so wrong
oh for so long
we should just start again

2013 (the middle years): Broken but not undone

If you want to know where I “was” in 2013 check out the video I made for the first song off the record.